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featuring: j.d. sage
by darin d'onofrio
Like many musical artists, J.D. Sage is
very passionate. Whether he is writing,
recording or performing, his focus seems to
be on the listener's perspective, and speaks
to his audience's own life experiences.
J.D.'s music can make you cry with one
song, laugh with another and dance to
all of them.
He grew up in the Bel Air area, attended
Bel Air High School
Harford Vo-Tech
Harford Technical High School).
Throughout most of the 90's, J.D. was
employed in Nashville as a song writer.
While he enjoyed the experience of
working with other writers, I believe his
best works were those written solo. I would
have to label his style "Rock-A Billy/
As the new millennium approached, J.D.
wandered back to Harford County to be
near his family, his friends and his church.
He was married, had a daughter, and
continued to write and perform. The
difference was that now he wasn't told
what to write about, who to write with,
or how to make it sound. This new-found
freedom must have been good for him
because his latest CD I know where I am
is absolutely wonderful!
J.D. attempted to take music lessons as a
teenager, but says he "couldn't get into the
whole `3 blind mice' thing." Instead, he
entered the trial-and-error program for lost
country boys: The School of Hard Knocks
(honor graduate), where he majored in
hillbilly songwritin'. He claims that his
biggest influences were "John Prine, Merle
Haggard, Steve Earle, and
anything Appalachian."
If you listen very closely
you can
hear a bit
of Lynyrd
and even
some of the
humor of
our local
legend, Greg Evans, in his lyrics!
Self-described as being similar to Bob
Dylan, a song writer who performs, I can
attest that JD's writing is very good and his
voice, though not quite operatic, is still
much better than Dylan's! You can hear
what he is feeling as he sings and if you
listen closely, you may actually feel it, too.
Characteristically, J.D. states "My goals are
to get my music to a national audience,
resulting in the purchase of an R.V.
big enough to haul the family, band,
equipment and various hanger-on-ers to
& fro this great country of ours & beyond!"
In pursuit of that goal, J.D. has been in
the writing mode this year. His latest
works are being wrapped up now and he
plans on accepting bookings starting in
November. You can still catch him every
Sunday at
Harmony Missionary Church
(2813 Forge Hill Rd. just north of Bel Air)
and November 27th at
The York Central
in York, PA. His two CDs are
available at
in Bel Air. Or
contact him directly at 717.382.4238 or for CDs and for
booking information.
The Plug is written by Darin D'Onofrio. He has been
involved in the local music scene for over 20 years.
As the former owner of Otter Point Station he had
live music 6 nights a week and sat in with many of the
acts on drums or guitar. He is now selling real estate
for Long and Foster and is still performing occasionally
as well as recording his originals.
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