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in Timonium. Of four proposals submitted for
these services, theirs was most in accord with
Hooper House
mission, so
Stella Maris
Hooper House
work hand-in-hand to
maintain a serene environment for those
navigating the final stages of life. Patients'
comfort is the primary concern, palliative
rather than curative care. Medical equipment
commonly seen in hospital rooms is not there;
medication is given to ease suffering. Medical
professionals are available 24/7 to assess and
attend to patients' needs.
Another vital part of the family-like community
Hooper House
is the volunteers who
generously share their time and compassion
with residents and those close to them.
Household tasks, companionship and shopping
are just a few of the functions they fulfill.
Many of these individuals have had a loved
one in hospice care and wish to give back
some of the kindness and consideration they
experienced. Volunteer training is conducted
by Stella Maris professionals.
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How does one obtain admission to Hooper
House? First, an individual and his or her doctor
make the decision that the time is appropriate.
Ms. Dean-Crabtree expressed the importance
of doctors' making early referrals to allow all
involved adequate time to understand and
accept the dying process. Spiritual and grief
counselors as well as volunteers and trained
staff offer valuable support and guidance during
this special time.
Anyone age 18 and above who is in the final
stages of a life limiting illness, with six months
or less to live, is eligible. As for costs, most
insurance covers the
Stella Maris
care, but
usually not room and board. This is where
fundraising efforts are aimed. Ms. Dean-
Crabtree hopes that Harford County citizens
will step forward, as other communities have,
with charitable donations of goods and funds
to reduce operating costs and the expense of
residency. In addition, the
Monsignor Lyness
Stella Maris
) can provid help
for those without insurance and in need of
financial assistance.
According to Director Dean-Crabtree,
"[Hospice] is the least utilized service that
offers the highest quality of care when a family is
most in need of it." For more information about
Hooper House,
contact her at 443.643.3227.
Those interested in volunteering may contact
Marianne Yannerell, Director of Volunteer
Services at
Stella Maris;
410.252.4500, ex. 7315.
For information about other hospice services,
contact Lisa Stone, Sr. VP of
Stella Maris
Outreach Services
at 410.252.4500, ex. 7234.
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