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The New Jewel in Harford County's Crown -
Senator Bob Hooper House
by julie noble
"Hospice: a home or system of long-term care
for people who are terminally ill . . ." That's
how the dictionary defines it, but to those of
us who have had loved ones in hospice care, it
has a much deeper meaning.
The Senator Bob
Hooper House,
newly built just off Rock
Spring Road in Forest Hill now offers a local
haven for those whose lives are ending and for
their families.
Beverly Dean-Crabtree, Director of
proudly noted the breadth of local support
for the project from its inception; Harford
County citizens may truly claim ownership of
this beautiful residential facility. Goods and
services have been generously donated beyond
anyone's expectations. First, the Klein family
donated the land; then Paul Thompson, Jr., of
Architectural Design Works
created the building's
design. Others who donated their services
Skarda & Assoc.
Thompson &
Associates with Frederick Ward & Assoc.;
Tim Schmidt, Steven Glock, and Martin
Comer Construction; Ground Tek;
; and
Jarrettsville Builders
. In addition,
several vendors donated or discounted materials;
local Scouts even lent a hand. Someone
always stepped forward to help whenever
difficulties arose. Ms. Dean-Crabtree described
the whole project as "an amazing process" and
As director, Ms. Dean-Crabtree put extensive
research and thought into the design and décor
of the new building to ensure a welcoming,
home-like atmosphere inside and out. The
creamy yellow frame and natural stone exterior
is more like a residence than a public building.
Inside, soft hues and open space extend
throughout. Just off the front entry hall is a
comfortable living room for folks to gather in.
Close by, there's a small non-denomination
chapel with a large window looking out on
wooded wetlands. A private dining room is
available for family gatherings. Even the
kitchen, which anyone may use, is inviting
with its open floor plan and breakfast nook in
a windowed corner.
Each of the eight rooms in the residential wing
has a different color scheme and décor to
choose from. These have homey comforts,
including a patio, TV and sofa bed. A pleasant
porch at the end of the wing looks out on a
serenity garden created by a local Boy Scout.
On the lower level, in addition to work rooms,
are a family room with television, a children's
playroom (designed by Girl Scout Troop
#1447), and a large family bathroom with shower.
Staff comfort was also taken into consideration
in the design of
Hooper House,
with features
like a laundry chute and dumb waiter so linens
don't have to be carried up and down stairs.
There is also a staff bathroom with shower.
Indeed, the facility offers the best possible
environment for all involved.
Skilled hospice care is provided by registered
nurses from the
Stella Maris
service organization
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