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intestinal upset. For some animals,
treats can trigger a serious inflammation
of the pancreas or intestine, and that
means a life-threatening illness. While
a little bit of meat beef or poultry
won't hurt, steer clear of the fatty
parts and the poultry skin, which also
harbors fat.
Save the cooked poultry bones for the
soup! Even the largest cooked turkey
bones are prone to splintering, sending
shards through the animal's intestines
and resulting in deadly peritonitis.
Raw or cooked beef bones can be
safely substituted for poultry bones.
Knuckle bones (for large dogs) and
oxtails (for small ones) stand up to
vigorous gnawing, providing your pet
with plenty of yummy, messy fun.
The Christmas tree is full of hazards
for dogs and cats. Tinsel can be a
target for play, but if ingested, it can
twist up the intestines. This is a
particular danger to cats and kittens,
who seem to find tinsel along with
yarn, ribbon and string especially
appealing. The water at the base of
the tree contains secretions that can
cause a stomachache. Light strings are
no good for chewing, and the whole
tree can come down on the cat
climbing in its branches. Some dogs
may even be inclined to break the
rules of house-training on a freshly
cut tree why else, they reason, would
anyone bring a tree into the house?
Keep the tree off-limits unless you're
there to supervise.
Holiday plants such as mistletoe are
toxic, as are the bulbs of the amaryllis
plant. Before you share your holiday
candy with your pet, be aware that
chocolate is toxic to dogs and may be
deadly to the little dog who gets a
good-sized piece. Again, the best cure
is prevention: Keep all dangerous
plants out of the reach of your pets,
and make the candy dish available to
people only.
Make it a point to have information
on the emergency vet. Here in
Harford County we have several
emergency vet services find out how
to call and get to the one nearest you.
Share the holiday with your pets and
enjoy the season with your best friend!
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