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Gifts of Memories
November is Family Stories Month and
StoryCorps (a national non-profit dedicated
to preserving the oral history of "ordinary"
Americans in the
American Folklife
Center at the Library
of Congress) annually
declares the day after
(November 26 this
year) as a National
Day of Listening.
When we get together
for the holidays the
conversation is often diverted with the
retelling of those hysterically funny or
embarrassing stories that we've heard before
and want to hear again. It's an opportunity
to recollect the personal histories that link
us and to share the histories that shaped our
traditions and values.
Preserving these stories, and the photographs
that can accompany them, is an opportunity
to create lasting legacies to be handed on to
future generations. For those whose families
are spread out across the country and the
world, it's a way to maintain the important
connections of the past and to share the
present celebrations. Collecting and
organizing family stories and photographs
can provide a gift of those memories.
It can also be overwhelming! We all have
boxes of photos and memorabilia and
half-completed albums that we suspect
are damaging the original photographs.
Scrapbooking as a hobby has surpassed golf
in popularity: one in five households has
someone playing golf; one in four has
someone involved in scrapbooking. For
those of us who have been tempted by the
array of scrapbooking papers, punches and
embellishments, but have felt daunted by
the choices and restricted by time, Jacklyn
(Memories Matter by Jacklyn)
can organize your photographs in custom
scrapbook albums for unique and lasting gifts.
"We all have too much
`stuff '! My eighty-year-old
Dad doesn't need another
shirt or tie! Giving him an
album of his grandchildrens'
adventures in the past year is
a more personal way for him
to be connected to them."
From a small 8"x8"
of a
or trip,
to a 12"
x 12"
album recollecting school or work experiences,
the gift of a scrapbook memory can be
enjoyed over and over. Jacklyn explains:
"Scrapbooking can be overwhelming! I think
it's important to make the photographs the
focus of each page, with a minimal amount
of captions and embellishments . . .
Certainly, the captions help to tell the story
and give more detail of what the person has
feeling at the time the photos were taken.
But the real memory resides in the pictures."
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