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For holiday giving, consider the gift of words.
Keep it local by purchasing a book by a Harford
County writer. In addition to the books archived
Harford Heart's website, here are a bevy of
children's books available online or at local
Edgewood High alumna
and Reading Specialist at
Magnolia Elementary
, Stephanie
Guzman, has published
two picture books in her
The Adventures of Oliver
the Clownfish
through her company,
So Plain Jane Publishing.
Stephanie says, "When I
was teaching, I noticed a need for books
that dealt with character. I decided to write
the Oliver the Clownfish series to show
children how to deal with the difficult situations
in their lives." Invitation Slip-up deals with
miscommunication and jumping to conclusions.
Acting Cool is about how acting cool can
interfere with friendship. Coloring sheets,
teaching ideas and lesson plans are available at:
Whiteford mom Amanda
Kleback's picture book, Hoo
Hoo's Song
Amira Rock
Publishing, is the first in a
series featuring a loveable
white bear. A life-long teddy
bear enthusiast and graduate
North Harford High
School, Amanda explains: "The idea for this
series came to me when my husband secretly
bought a stuffed bear to cheer me up. I thought
about that gesture of love from the bear's point
of view, and Hoo Hoo's Song was born."
Kleback's next book is in the hands of her
editor, and she promises more stories as Hoo
Hoo "travels the world in search of the next
great adventure that will lead to a lesson
learned." Games, puzzles, word searches and
more are available at
Harford County mom,
Patricia Mowray, has
enjoyed writing and telling
stories for over 20 years.
Her self-published, Megan
Mole Meets A Monster?
AuthorHouse) tells
the story of a young mole
who thinks her hometown
is threatened by a two-headed monster. When
no one believes in her monster-sighting, Princess
Megan Mole sets out on her own to save
Moleford. Mowray notes that the internet has
changed the book world and laughingly suggests
that "readers" can visit Megan Mole Meets a
on its own
Facebook page.
John Carroll High graduate, Becky Titelman has
published 3 books featuring 10-year-old witch
Maude Sinks. The Wonky Witch, The Wonky
Witch and the Wizard-napping,
and The
Wonky Witch and the Witching Well
follow the
adventures of Maude, and her friends at their
school, Abracadabra Academy. Becky, who
enjoys reading fantasy books, says, "I wanted to
create a character that girls can identify with a
role model who is an underdog who eventually
comes out on top." To learn more about the
series and to check out the fan club:
For these books by local authors and others,
search the internet or browse through a bookstore
and give the gift of words to some one you love.
Vonnie Winslow Crist, editor of "The Gunpowder Review"
and author of books and ebooks, has a collection of urban
fantasy stories, "The Greener Forest," scheduled for publication
Cold Moon Press
in 2011. Visit her at or
by vonnie winslow crist
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