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The Painted Lady boutique at 467 Franklin St.
in Havre de Grace, will celebrate its first
anniversary this November. Unusual jewelry,
furniture, clothing and decorative objects ­ most
the work of local artists ­ are displayed in a
whimsical setting. Stepping through the front
door is an Alice-in-Wonderland experience for
shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for
Christmas or any other occasion. Owners
Genevieve Britton, Kim Kleinberg and Kim
Johnson also custom design items for clients.
Actually, custom design is just a part of these
talented ladies' achievements and vision. They
are the guiding force not only behind
Painted Lady boutique, but also the painting
and interior design business known as "THE
PAINTED LADIES" specializing in beautiful
faux finishes, murals, and other decorating
wonders. Wielding the tools of their trade, the
"girls with guns" (as they often call their team)
have used their talents everywhere from private
homes to mall exhibits and other public places
like the
Susky River Grill, the Vandiver Inn, and
Chiapparelli's Restaurant.
Genevieve Britton was studying Art and
Business at
Towson University when she decided
to start her own business and help beautify the
world at the same time. "You've come a long
way, baby," certainly applies. After she took on a
partner and hired other female crew members,
THE PAINTED LADIES enterprise was born. In
spite of some bumps in the road, Genevieve and
company have gained a reputation for their high
standards, excellent work and professional
demeanor. Word of mouth offers generous
praise for the ladies' creative skills and superior
customer service.
A few years ago, the partners developed a
long-range plan to expand their business by
opening their own gallery-style shop, offering
classes for do-it-yourselfers, and promoting the
work of local artists as well as their own. Voilą!
One year ago
The Painted Lady opened. Their
goals are coming to fruition as classes are now
being offered and local artisans' original pieces
are available to all who visit this charming store.
Open every day except Wednesday, the boutique
is at the corner of Franklin and Union Streets in
Havre de Grace.
To learn more, call 410-939-4146 or visit, where you
can meet the ladies, see their portfolio and read
testimonials. Also, check out their Facebook
page, Havre-de-Grace-MD/The-Painted-Lady-
Hdg. And definitely don't miss the boutique's
first anniversary celebration on Saturday,
November 20th from 10am to 9pm!
photo by robin sommer - images of sommer

Business Profile
The Painted Ladies Celebrate!
l to r: Genevieve
Britton, Kim
Kleinberg &
Kim Johnson
by julie noble
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