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of never never
by darin d'onofrio
With his rock steady, silky smooth
delivery, Spike Settles has entertained
this area for decades without ever
disappointing the audience, whether
as a solo or with Never Never.
Genuine talent, combined with years
of training, result in the consistently
thrilling performer that we have all
been happily amazed by!
Growing up in a family of musicians
his father, a classical guitarist; mother,
a pianist; and brother, a bassist it was
only natural that Spike would begin his
musical world behind a drum set. He told
me that his father's favorite way to relax
was to play classic standards on the guitar.
Being surrounded by classical guitar music
influenced the complicated changes in
time, key and melodic progression that
characterize Spike's performance. A natural
sense of timing and his remarkable vocals
coalesce to make his solo performances a
pleasure. His guitar performance and his
vocals, though played simultaneously,
are controlled separately. His talent with
either is stellar; together they are magical.
It wasn't until an opportunity with Never
Never that Spike would be thrust to the
front of the stage to showcase, in this
writer's opinion, his finest instrument . . .
his voice! That instrument can play
Sweet Dreams and follow it with Sweet
Home Alabama, executed in two entirely
different styles. His ease and familiarity
with both songs leaves the audience with
a feeling that he may have composed
them both himself.
Years of experience make his performances
seem effortless. Playful banter
with the audience alludes
to the relationships
that have been
built with his
many fans over
the years.
Frequent repeat
bring to light the
professional and
fiscal satisfaction
that the venues
where he
performs have
also enjoyed.
Through the
years, Spike has
played just about everywhere and with
just about every musician. Fellow musician
and friend from high school, Patrick
Redmond of the Route 66 Band said
"I love performing with Kevin (Spike);
he always brings so much positive energy
to the stage!"
You can see Never Never play at the
following locations in Harford County:
Saturday, May 1
Looney's North,
Bel Air
Saturday, June 5
Rock & Blues Fest, Rockfield Manor,
For tickets go to:
Saturday, June 12
The Mallet
Port Royal),
Saturday, July 31
Looney's North,
Bel Air
All shows begin at 10pm unless otherwise noted.
Find further schedule info at: and
The Plug is written by Darin D'Onofrio. He has been
involved in the local music scene for over 20 years.
As the former owner of Otter Point Station he had
live music 6 nights a week and sat in with many of the
acts on drums or guitar. He is now selling real estate
for Long and Foster and is still performing occasionally
as well as recording his originals.
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