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Adult participants have the opportunity to
win two adult bicycles, courtesy of
Bikes and Chesapeake Cycle and Sport, as
well as gift certificates for bike rentals from
Biller's Bikes and bicycle commuter gear
from the
Bicycle Connection.
Each year, businesses and agencies
in Harford County participate in the
Cycle Smackdown (formerly the
Briefcase Challenge), competing to
register as many employees as possible
to Bike to Work on May 21. Trophies
will be presented at each of the rallies
to three separate small, medium and large
companies or agencies. Over the years,
these trophies have become a much sought
after prize with close competition among
participating organizations who demon-
strate that they support the clean commute
concepts that biking represents.
For those of you who want to bike to work
on May 21, but don't want to ride by yourself,
bicycle convoys will depart from various
Harford County locations. Find convoy
information at;
click on the Bike to Work Day icon.
When you register for Bike to Work Day,
take a few moments to complete our
online Bicycle Survey for Harford County
residents. Submitting your views helps
inform decision-makers about cyclists'
needs and concerns as they bike to work
and school.
Why Celebrate Bike to Work Day each year?
Bike to Work Day provides the opportunity
to focus on many of the issues that seem
to affect our everyday lives. As the
bicycle manufacturer says, "Maybe the
solution to some of the world's biggest
problems is lying up against a wall in
your garage."
In 1964, 50% of children rode their bikes
or walked to school and the obesity rate
was 12%. By 2004, only 3% of students
biked or walked, and the
Department of
Heath and Human Services estimates that
20% of our children are obese. Adult
obesity statistics are just as dismal.
However, according to
, the average person
loses 13 pounds their first
year commuting to work by
bike, and just three hours
of bicycling per week can
cut the risk of heart disease
or stroke in half.
One Less Car Organization tells us
that the United States could save 462
million gallons of gasoline a year by
increasing cycling from 1 percent to 1.5
percent of all trips. May is Clean Commute
because May is the beginning of the
ground-level ozone season when we begin
to see code red days.
Beyond the health, ecological and
environmental benefits, and the pure
enjoyment of cycling, biking also provides
economic benefits over other forms of
transportation, with a lower cost per mile
than any other form of transportation
except walking. Bicycling is one solution
that more and more people are turning to
in Harford County. So much so, that the
number of registered participants for this
event has nearly tripled over the past
three years and there are now five bicycle
businesses serving the pro-active Harford
County cycling community as it continues
to grow.
So each year we focus our attention on
encouraging folks of all ages to bike to
work at least for part of their travel time.
We host a Bike to Work Day Rally because
that's how we roll in Harford County on
Bike to Work Day, May 21. Register today
at Click on
the Bike to Work Day icon.
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the average
person loses
13 pounds their
first year
commuting to
work by bike
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