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letter from the editor
harford's heart
c nnecting the d ts
fran johnson
Although this is the first article in the magazine, it's
the last one written. In the process of developing the
issue, talking with advertisers, meeting with the businesses,
people and organizations that make up our community,
I'm constantly learning. New revelations and new
viewpoints change the picture I have when I Connect
the Dots.
The character of Harford County continues to
evolve and it's exciting to be a participant as well as an
observer of that evolution.
By Connecting the Dots, we give our readers a different
perspective on their community as well. Our new
feature Tried and True takes a fresh look at familiar businesses and events that are
essential to the home-town character of Harford County. For this issue, we're looking
at how our
Senior Activity Centers
provide a wide range of activities and programs for
those over 60 the fastest-growing segment of our population. That population is also
served by a network of businesses and services, featured in our Senior Section. In this
issue, we continue the dialogue on the Difficult Choices that families often face.
As the weather warms up, and we're drawn outdoors, we face more pleasant choices in
planning our landscaping. We have some tips from a local nursery to Mind Your Mulch
and to Go Native. Other choices include recipes for eating seasonal and eating local,
supporting our local farmers' markets and farms.
May means celebrating Mother's Day not only for our own moms, but for the many
women in Harford County who juggle nurturing their families with nurturing their
businesses. In particular, we celebrate two special moms who have turned personal
tragedy into community outreach. And we have a couple of suggestions to give Mom
a special experience. Treat yourself, too, to some retail therapy at local consignment
stores and plan to attend local events hosted by community groups.
Harford's Heart
proud to sponsor some of these events we'll see you at the Harford County Rock &
Blues Fest, the 5K Run for Sunshine's Angels, Outdoor Movies in Bel Air, and events
in the historic Delta/Cardiff/Whiteford community.
Of course, you can see
Harford's Heart
at over 350 locations throughout the County,
as well as on our website We're really excited to announce
our partnership with
Harford Mall
connecting our local shopping community with
the wider retail community. Find us there!
Next issue will bring more new insights and new information about local businesses
and business owners, activities that support local organizations and give back to the
community for services, entertainment and shopping events, and more ways to Keep it
Local while Living Local.
Enjoy the spring!


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