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Harford County Farm Bureau's Annual Farm
Visitation Day
"Preserving Harford's past; promoting Harford's future"
The Harford County Farm Bureau and the County Executive's Division of Agriculture are
pleased to once again sponsor Harford County Farm Visitation Day, to be held on Sunday,
June 27 from
1 to 5pm at a
local farm. In
previous years,
Visitation Day
has been held
Fawn View
Farm and at
Bloom. As we
went to press,
the location
had not yet
been deter-
mined; contact
the Division of
Agriculture at 410-638-3420 closer to the date, or visit
Farm Visitation Day is an opportunity to connect with Harford County's agricultural
heritage and to learn more about how our local farmers make a living. On display will
be a variety of farm animals, including a petting zoo. Visitors will be able to see some of
the innovative conservation practices being employed on the farm, and can take part
in hands-on educational programs from the
Agriculture Preservation Office, Soil
Conservation Office and the Maryland Department of Agriculture.
Admission is free and visitors of all ages are welcome. More than just a fun day out for the
family, Farm Visitation Day provides another look at local farms. Farming has always been
an essential part of Harford County's economy and culture. Connecting with that heritage
will only further enrich your connection with the community. Keep it Local by learning
more about our local farms!
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