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For over 10 years,
Kapinos Builders has
helped homeowners throughout Harford
County realize their dreams for enhancing
their home. We are committed to providing
unequalled service so that every project
meets or exceeds the homeowner's
expectations and vision. From
kitchen and bath remodeling, room
additions, club rooms, sunrooms,
decks, and garage additions to entire
home renovations,
Kapinos Builders
strives to translate the clients' vision
for the project into a reality.
To further refine the process, we are
now able to provide 3-D imaging
of the project, built into the free
pre-contract estimating package.
Even before a client commits to the
project, before blueprints are drawn
up, or permits obtained, the entire
project can be viewed from any
angle, in any lighting conditions and
with materials and fixtures installed.
We can take you on a `walking tour'
of your dream remodel to help make
sure that we both know what you
want and, more important, what
you're going to have when the
project is complete.
We know that the remodeling
experience can be daunting. And
we know that it is difficult to
envision the finished product from
two-dimensional blueprints. Being
able to see the project as it will be
built helps reduce some of the
uncertainty. We can walk through
the new addition, show you how your
finished space will appear, with colors on
the walls, windows and doors in place,
and flooring installed. It reduces stress
for the client by preventing any
"surprises" that can occur as the remodel
proceeds. It can help save them money by
eliminating change orders at later stages
in the process.
Kapinos Builders, we believe that
your home is your castle. We know that a
remodeling project represents a considerable
investment in your biggest asset. By
enabling you to visualize that project,
not just in your mind, but with a
3-dimensional image that can be altered
to incorporate any changes before you
commit to the project, we know that we
can provide the best product, matched
with our quality of service, to help you
achieve the castle of your dreams.
Call us to experience your new project,
before it's built! Contact: 410.399.0099
or visit

by kevin kapinos
3-D renderings that allow the
homeowner to appreciate the true
perspective of their project.
Cut aways for a bird's eye view.
Imagine actually walking through your new
kitchen before construction even begins.
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