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Welcome to our newest regular feature,
Tried and True, where
Harford's Heart
will take a fresh look at familiar
restaurants, shops, facilities or events
that have become the backbone of our
community. These are the businesses
we count on to provide the continuity
that makes Harford County
home. They're near and
dear to our hearts and
they're Tried and True.
Senior Activity Centers
­ with the emphasis on
All five of Harford County's senior
activity centers redefine the word active
for the 21st century adult, providing
Harford County's 34,000 senior citizens
with a broad range of classes, workshops,
events, entertainment, health screenings,
games, discussion groups, etc. Over the
years, Harford County's senior centers
have evolved into hubs of activity,
centers of extended learning, hallways
of health and fitness, and gathering
places to cultivate lasting friendships and
camaraderie. Whether you're 60 or 90 years
of age, there is something for everyone at
Harford County senior activity centers.
Senior activity centers, located throughout
the county in Aberdeen, Bel Air,
Edgewood, Havre de Grace, Highland,
Forest Hill (satellite center), and opening
soon in Fallston, are a rich and abundant
resource. Participants can engage in mind
and body fitness with classes in arts and
crafts, fine arts, computers, dance, exercise,
music, and photography. Similar to a
college campus for adults, Harford County's
centers offer a ten-week winter, spring,
summer, and fall class cycle each year,
offering participants the chance to pursue
new interests, explore unchartered territory,
and challenge them to grow and learn.
Workshop programs lasting from one to
four weeks offer an ideal alternative to
accommodate the busy lifestyle of many
active adults. Whether increasing strength
and flexibility with a class in Yoga, or
creating a stunning beaded necklace in a
jewelry workshop, education and enrichment
are at the heart of the programming
available at Harford County's center.
For those who seek entertainment, the
activity centers in Harford County are the
places to be! From tail-gating parties to
fashion shows and tea, sock-hops to movies
and popcorn, fun and unique activities
are readily available. A wide variety of
entertainers, including musicians, singers,
dancers, and magicians (to name just a few)
bring an air of excitement and anticipation.
And, where can you go these days and get
a delicious, nutritionally balanced lunch
for just $1.75? Our meal program provides
one-third of the Recommended Daily
Allowance of nutrients, plus the
opportunity to savor some quality time
for conversation and companionship in
a café-like environment.
If you are 60 years or older, Harford
County senior activity centers are
waiting to offer you a fun and rewarding
experience. For further information,
contact the
Harford County Department
of Community Services, Office on Aging,
at 410-638-3025.
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