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When Debbie Fratini decided to take her
retirement savings and invest it in her own
business rather than on Wall Street, she was
following the American Dream of individual
entrepreneurship. Rather than take the
conventional route to retirement via the
stock market, Debbie and husband John chose
to gamble on themselves partnering with
FASTFRAME in the custom picture framing
and fine art business.
FASTFRAME'S reputation lies in their high
quality craftsmanship, variety of products and
immediate turn-around capabilities. Custom
framing is an old world craft. It is one of the
few products produced today that is still truly
FASTFRAME has added modern
technology to this craft, which allows them
to produce products in a fraction of the time
it takes their competitors.
The `WOW' aspect of the business was what
first attracted Debbie to
a Ray Lewis jersey stunningly displayed in a
shadow box, and I thought `I really like that
and I think other people will too.' I knew
immediately that I wanted to own a business
that could provide that kind of quality work
for display in people's homes."
Clients can select from a wide variety of over
2,500 unique frame mouldings. The selection
of mats includes thousands of acid free mats
in a myriad of colors as well as custom fabric
wrapped and textured mats; and the selection
of glass includes museum quality, conservation
glass. "The design choices are unlimited and
that's where our experience comes in. We
know what works to
give customers the
look they want." Our
service also includes,
in some instances,
delivery and
installation of the
framed artwork.
"Each item that our
customers entrust us
with stays on the
premises and is
lovingly handled
and framed from
start to finish by us. We
frame everything from certificates, vacation
and sports memorabilia, small collectibles,
plates or
war medals
to musical
you name
it we
frame it.
We also
frames . . .
And we can restore damaged photographs
and/or turn photographs into paintings on canvas.
Our aim is to provide the level of service to
first time customers that they could expect
after a lifetime of building a relationship with
us. We treat each of our customers as if they've
been coming to us for years... our customers
are our friends but we treat them like family."
The store also offers a selection of original art
by local artist, Barbara Love (who was featured
on a cover of a previous issue of
Heart) as well as Lester Picker Photography and
Baltimore artists including Paul DeRemigis.
FASTFRAME Bel Air is an authorized A.
Aubrey Bodine dealer as well.
The store may be "hidden in plain sight," but
Debbie is highly visible participating in a
wide range of civic, business, and political
organizations. From volunteering with the
Chesapeake Heritage Conservancy, to
membership in the
Harford County Chamber
of Commerce, CPWN, Ravens Nest No. 1 of
Harford County, Bel Air Downtown Alliance,
Bel Air Rotary and several political organizations,
Debbie is a tireless participant and a firm
believer that businesses should support and
give back to their community.
Air has been a premiere sponsor of the
County Library Foundation's Annual Gala for
several years and generously donates time and
products to several charitable organizations
throughout the County.
FASTFRAME Bel Air to enjoy the experience
of working with a professional who is as
passionate about providing the best setting for
your favorite artworks or memorabilia as you are.
FastFrame Bel Air, 1431 Rock Spring Road, Bel
Air. 410.836.0017,
by fran johnson
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