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Mother's Day is the one day set aside each
year to show our Mom how much she
means to us. Traditional gifts of flowers
or a box of candy somehow don't really
express it, and we're too old to get away
with the lumpy crafts that delighted her
when we were in pre-school or the plant
that Dad bought for us to give. When we
ask, Mom tells us that she doesn't need
anything, because she knows how much we
love her. Somehow, we aren't convinced!
What Mom really wants is time with us.
Time where we can just sit and talk, time
where we can share memories, or share an
experience that will build a good memory
later on.
This year, for Mother's Day, consider
pampering your mother with the gift of
time together. Take her for a drive through
the lush countryside of Harford County,
enjoy the flowering trees and the vibrant
green of the fields. Head to Delta, PA for a
tranquil afternoon at
The Tea Trolley for a
traditional English tea.
The lovingly restored Victorian home,
at 104 Main Street, in Delta, provides a
setting that is a step back in time. Guests
are served a selection of teas, along with
an assortment of dainty finger sandwiches
little morsels of savory elegance like salmon
and cucumber, bleu cheese and pear, cheese
and chutney, or ham and pineapple all
presented on elegant tiered stands. Place
settings of bone china, linens, and fine cutlery
complete the quiet ambiance. After the
sandwiches, enjoy a selection of miniature
desserts: tiny cakes, napoleons, cream-filled
yummies and English scones, served with
Lemon Curd, Jam and Cream. And, of
course, more tea.
Rachael Cox opened
The Tea Trolley in
October, 2009, to bring the relaxed
elegance of the English tea experience to
our community. She had fallen in love with
Harford County when she first came here as
Step Back in Time with Mom
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